Welcome to Tree of Life Lymphatic Therapy

I am a native of Dundee, Scotland, initially coming to the USA after training as a Registered General Nurse through the Royal College of Nursing and Midwifery. I then became registered as an RN first in Missouri and then in Massachusetts and have practiced nursing over the years, on both sides of the “Pond.” I am proud to mention that I became a United States citizen in 2008.

My work as a nurse educator at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, with its strong emphasis in functional medicine, sparked my desire to study massage, having seen first-hand the effectiveness of bodywork on my clients. I believe that while the healing power of touch has been well documented over the centuries, that it has been sadly lacking in our modern health care system. Fortunately, the tide has turned and we now have so much evidence based data to support the veracity of many bodywork modalities, once considered “fringe” at best. As a registered nurse, I am excited to now have clients referred to me by their physicians, who are, for example, prescribing manual lymphatic drainage for their post operative patients.

I have gathered a lifetime of experience in the healing arts from both my native Scotland and here on American soil. I am certified as a manual lymphatic drainage therapist and also perform oncology, Swedish as well as pre/postnatal massage. It is my privilege and my goal to facilitate the body’s own incredible ability to heal, relax and renew.

I sang opera with the Lyric Opera of Kansas City for several seasons, as well as having sung traditional unaccompanied Scottish folk and Art song competitively. I have been involved in both the performing and healing arts my whole life. I moved back to Cape Cod in 2014 after living in the Berkshires for several years and now live a simple life with my loved ones, counting my many blessings every day.

Welcome to Tree of Life Lymphatic Therapy!

Ceud Mile Failte
(A hundred thousand welcomes)