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Within the past few decades a whole new form of post-surgical healing has emerged- Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). It’s growing popularity is evidenced by the number of patients who call saying this has been prescribed by their physicians as part of their follow-up protocol. This is a gentle, yet powerful form of bodywork, intended to stimulate and encourage the natural movement of lymph which carries fluid (water) and waste products away from the tissues. It is a technique based on gentle, rhythmic, circular motions of the therapist’s hands, which compliment the natural rhythm of the body’s lymphatic system.

During the post-surgical manual lymphatic drainage session, the therapist gently guides post surgical edema towards the correlating lymph nodes. Please note:- Post-surgical manual lymphatic drainage is NOT opening up incision wounds to push edema out of the body. It is a very gentle, painless and safe process when performed by therapists who are properly trained in this modality.

Why should you receive manual lymphatic drainage after your surgery?

After surgery, (think trauma to the tissues), the body will generally swell both at and proximal to the surgical site. This swelling, while completely normal, can of course be very uncomfortable. Sluggishness, decreased range of motion, increased sensitivity and difficulty in positioning for sleep, often occur during the surgical recovery process.
Reducing post-surgical swelling is one of the most common ways that manual lymphatic drainage is used. This is because of its ability to directly move post-surgical edema in a very gentle, non-invasive way. Post-operative manual lymphatic drainage can help patients recovering from all kinds of surgeries, including cosmetic procedures. In fact, manual lymphatic drainage is frequently regarded as an imperative part of the surgical recovery process by surgeons worldwide. A study done by NIH (National Institutes of Health) shows the benefits of post liposuction MLD (manual lymphatic drainage).

Do you have tissue fibrosis, or “lumps and bumps” after surgery?

Fibrosis is a build up of scar tissue which can occur as a result of surgery. This can cause lumps and bumps in the sub-dermal tissues, particularly post liposuction. This consequence is not ideal and can sometimes be treated with other massage manipulations, but generally NOT MLD.

General Notes and Precautions for Post-Surgical Patients

1) You will need to first be cleared for MLD work by your surgeon.
2) I do not accept insurance for this work.
3) If you are ill for any reason post surgery- fever, heat and abnormal redness at wound site, excessive bloody drainage, chills, any issues with your surgical site, a sharp increase in pain, vomiting, to name but a few possibilities- then you need to see your surgeon and/or seek emergent medical care, NOT MLD.
4) Pushing fluid and tissues out of unhealed incisions is NOT MLD.
5) Online videos are not an alternative to hands-on MLD.
6) MLD does NOT use brushes, tools, cupping, bamboo sticks, rollers, oils or creams.
7) Brazilian MLD is not a service which is offered at Tree of Life Lymphatic Therapy and is quite different from the Vodder technique.